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An Iconic British English woman, with Indian/African heritage. Born an raised in the heart of working class Leeds, West Yorkshire. Sukhvinder is very much a pioneer, who knew from very early on in her life that just because she was born in to the working class did not mean one had to stay there and fast started becoming a rebel towards the dogmas that had held so many people around her, back! Married at the ripe old age of 17! Little did she know the life changing journey she was about to embark on. ostracised from communities she had grown up in and loved, Sukhvinder learnt fast that her gift was one that would go on to smash stereotypes of not just young brown girls but also those of the working class immigrants and natives of Britain. 

Awarded “One to watch” by Norther Women Of Power, Sukhvinders reputaion precedes her and now she wants to show YOU how you can have it all too, aslong as you are ready for blunt straight talk! It’s the Yorkshire in her.

TBC|  UK-USA-India | 2019

We will be rolling out some iconic events soon. Watch this space for some exciting collaborations. 

Iconic Big Brother Housemate who made history in 2017, Sukhvinder Javeed has always successfully broken the stereotype of her own demographic and continually strives to better, not only her own life, but the lives of all those she touches, empowering them to dream big and take positive action. Passionate about leaving the world behind a better place, whilst building her global empire. Sukhvinder only ever gives herself one option and that is to win. It is with that courage she found herself at the heart of a global industry, currently estimated to be worth $66.8 Billion and is now set to transition into one of the world’s leading industries, worth over $2 Trillion. – The entertainment industry.


Spend an ‘evening with Iconic Sukhy’ was created out a plethora of emails and messages received asking about the various challenges and accomplishments Sukhvinder had been through and achieved. It is an intimate evening with a limited number of spaces. From being a working mum of two, to bringing and award winning invention to shelves on major retailers; You can hear Sukhvinder’s stories and best kept secrets on life,family and business, in just one night.

Most importantly Sukhvinder wants to share the bullshit that effects and surrounds start-ups, she is a straight shooter and will reveal the pitfalls she climbed out of to find success SO that YOU don’t have to go through them. Sukhvinder will help you build your version of your own empire and tell you what it really takes to make it.

An Evening With Iconic Sukhy is where you can be yourself, speak your truth and learn how to win at the game of life.

If you would like Sukhvinder to speak at your event please do get in touch.


Your personal blue print to becoming Iconic.

With over 20 years industry experience Sukhvinder will be the first to tell you ‘Make Mistakes’ make as many as you can because that is where the ‘magic’ happens, the learning the overcoming of fear, which are things that hold us back.

Her vast amount of business and life experience puts her in the perfect place to help others. It hasn’t all been plain sailing and the lessons learnt through her personal experience gives her an invaluable insight into what success looks like and the pitfalls to avoid.

If you are ready to explore YOUR very own Iconic Vision and want some help to make it achievable then why not make the investment and see for yourself how Sukhvinders unique style of coaching will have you excited and passionate about your own life as mush as she is excited about helping you.

This is not for the faint hearted, Sukhvinder is a straight talker and does not go backwards in coming forward, so if you are serious about changing your life and putting your dreams first then get ready for you passion to be ignited. It is about real talk and getting serious about getting the life you deserve.

Hit the button below and lets get your first session booked in, invest in yourself. 20 Minute consultaion is FREE via Zoom.


Northern Women of Power; “One to watch” 2016. A shrewd, passionately driven, results focused and highly self-motivated professional. Sukhvinder single handedly took her invention and built it from the ground up from her home study – An award winning professional with an outstanding track record of success in international manufacturing,  business and sales.

Sukhvinder is an extremely confident communicator and negotiator, capable of influencing decisions and developing positive working relationships. Sukhvinder is quickly establishing herself as one of Yorkshires finest exports and is now using some of her hard learnt skills to help her clients take their inventions/brands to market too.

If you have an idea, a concept or are in the first years of your startup and need help moving forward then Sukhvinder is the answer – From sampling, Trademarks, placing your products(s) with major UK and international retailers to setting up manufacturing factors internationally and getting products tested to meet international or local regulatory requirements, to finding funding and everything else that goes bringing products to market, Sukhvinder really can help you take your brand global.

Sukhvinder works on an hourly or half day basis, this is figured out mutually depending on the clients needs. Get in touch, hit the button below to find out how Sukhvinder can help you.